Bon Parfumeur is a creative community set to reinvent Paris Perfumery. Founded in 2017 by Ludovic Bonneton, Bon Parfumeur combines French perfume know-how and eco-responsibility. Bon Parfumeur offers a collection of high quality 100% made in France, clean, unisex and creative perfumes. Their approach to perfume is elevated, savvy, and inclusive. They love to collect perfumes, Mix & Match them and ending up creating your own and unique fragrances. Bon Parfumeur is on a mission to REINVENT PARISIAN PERFUMERY. Because Parisian perfumery is the most beautiful perfumery in the world, Bon Parfumeur wants to confront it with the world’s best creative individuals to bring it forward. All the collections follow the same 10 olfactory families – recognizable with their unique colour coding and number.