Launched in 2007, by Clara Molloy and her husband John, Memo sees fragrance as a journey, building its identity around magical destinations and intense raw materials, with natural ingredients of beautiful quality. A desire to go elsewhere and to meet people in the image of the founding couple. She, Parisian, poet and Catalan; he, Irish, globetrotter and sportsman.

The most beautiful landscapes deserve the most beautiful natural ingredients. That's why Memo fragrances allow themselves to do anything: no limits in the choice or quality of the coveted materials. The perfumers have a rare freedom of creation, which allows them to come up with original compositions with character, mimicking the destinations that inspire them.
A vintage twist also characterizes Memo fragrances. It is particularly evident in the Cuirs Nomades collection, born as a nod to the antique trunks and leather luggage that recall the art of travel of yesteryear, and which today distinguishes the Memo universe. To give the perfume the strength of a memory, you have to know how to let it blossom over time; Memo compositions evolve beautifully on the skin and have great staying power. The skin keeps them in memory.
It emerges at Memo through an unexpected facet, a surprising note that will give the fragrance a special dynamic. Memo's eau, like the Graines vagabondes collection, are expressions of our desire to renew the way freshness is expressed in a perfume. With intensity and audacity.