In the pursuit of ultimate luxury, the brand was founded over a decade ago by Kilian Hennessy. From the dark cognac cellars of his childhood memories, to Paris most elegant evenings where desires roam free, KILIAN offers a menu of fragrances within five olfactory families—The Fresh, The Narcotics, The Cellars, The Smokes and The Liquors.
True luxury should last forever, and as such all KILIAN PARIS fragrances are made refillable.

Kilian Paris Founder
Born into one of France’s most illustrious dynasties in fine liquors, Kilian Hennessy translates sensibility and vision inherited from his ancestors into the realm of perfume.

A culture of pursuing ultimate luxury and his audacious, rule-breaking approach define his namesake brand: KILIAN PARIS
Kilian Hennessy believes true luxury lasts forever:
A KILIAN PARIS perfume flacon is perpetually refillable, made to be an objet d’art one buys for life.
Innovative from the beginning, this refill concept is one example of Kilian Hennessy leading creation on his own terms.
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