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The Nose wanted to create something that speaks of the lack of eloquence. While creating, he was inspired by the brutalism movement and a character from Italian history – Marcus Junius Brutus, Roman senator who was mainly known for his lack of expressive rhetoric. He wasn’t a conversationalist, he was precise, sharp, direct and brutal. Once decided, he did never change his mind. Brutality never engages into negotiations, neither accepts any compromises. Nature is brutal and only the fittest survive, it is the Darwinian evolutionary theory as a way of describing the mechanism of natural selection. The biological concept of fitness is defined as reproductive success. From the concept and olfactory point of view, Alessandro wanted to create something controversial. Just as the nature that can be brutal from one side, it can be perfectly balanced and beautiful from another. This is a fragrance that on the contrary to it’s name, Brutus, is very elegant, polished and subtle, it captures the link between the attraction and repulsion, between the name and the scent itself. Brutus takes the moment and doesn’t change, it is the meaningful moment of life. It is the essence of life signifying that every life is a matter of one single moment, the moment when one realizes the true nature of himself and who he really is.

Notes Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Patchouli

Olfactive Family Aromatic Fougere