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Mad Jasmine

A memory of India, steeped in the rich and airy fragrance of jasmine sambac and the creamier scent of sandalwood, is what guided the composition of Madurai. A fragrance that stirs the senses with vibrant notes of citrus and turmeric, like a colourful market stall.

Legend has it that Madurai, a sacred city in southern India, derived its name from the drops of divine nectar that fell from Lord Shiva's hair. A spectacular world created from a drop of perfume?! Pure olfactory genius. Absolute of Indian jasmine sambac, oil of fresh Indian turmeric, here lies the Hindu temple of Meenakshi. Absolute of jasmine from Upper Egypt, its pyramidal towers home to all spirits. Australian sandalwood, the statues begin to dance and swayas the wind sings its song. Oil of marigold from the Indian Ocean, mythological creatures in fits of laughter. Clary sage from France, the colours speak a close language. Spirit of peach, bewitching Madurai erupts in thunderous applause for the beauty of jasmine. Eyes wide open, breathe in this floral and fruity whirlwind that exudes incredible charm.

Notes Lemon Oil, Italian Bergamot Oil, Indian Turmeric Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Peach Alcoholate Indian Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Indian Tuberose Absolute, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Tagete Oil from Madagascar Australian Sandalwood oil, Akigalawood, Ambrofix, Suede Accord

Olfactive Family FLORAL / WOODY / MUSKY

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