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Mimosa Tanneron

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The Mimosa arrived in Provence in the middle of 19th century. Blossoming in the heights of the trees around Hyde Park and The Cristal Palace. A British family asked to plant this elegant tree on the French Riviera where they would spend the winter months. Unintentionally, the demand for the mimosa flowers became so great that they were inevitably planted in Tanneron. Mimosa extract first appeared in perfumery in the 1940s. Since its arrival in perfumery, Mimosa can often be found in the most famous and prestigious compositions. As a perfumer, Mimosa Tanneron can be described as an ode to tenderness, sweetness, and the sensations of blossoming love.

Top Notes Mimosa absolue

Base Notes Hawthorn, Rose

Heart Notes White Musk

Olfactive Family Floral