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The World began with an explosion and the terrain was created by a burning volcanic lava swallowing the surface underneath. Terroni is the dedication to the southern lands and southerners of the world, to the people who are more bind to the traditions, creating and working with hands. There’s something powerful and fulfilling about putting your hands in the soil, the sense of belonging to Earth and the joy of planting seeds and pulling the weeds. This is the fragrance that states that roots play a strong part in the growth and development of a character Loaded with Java Vetiver, Terroni takes the smeller on an olfactory lane to the very beginning when the terrain of the world was created. Back to the roots and basics. This fragrance recalls the smell of volcanic eruptions, ancient terrains and soils, the untouched Earth, and the passionate actions of Self. It embodies the belief that in order to develop a natural beauty one needs to bind with traditions and grow strong roots to maintain the true light of Self.

Notes Aldehydic, Oud Butter

Olfactive Family Oriental Woody